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Karen Goodrich
Mortgage Broker

I started mortgage broking in 2006 with a passion for the stability and strength that home ownership can bring. I started Goodrich Home Loans in 2012 with a loyal following of valued clients. The business has grown from that point based on those clients returning and referring others to us. Operating a business where my clients benefit, and the lenders pay for it is an absolute dream! When I’m not with clients or in front of my work computer, I love pottering around in my garden in the Adelaide Hills, spending time with family and friends or heading off into the sunset for a long road trip with my partner.

Tim Delvaux
Mortgage Broker

I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 2014, specialising mostly in First Home Buyers and construction loans. I’ve gone down the construction path myself, so I understand all the joys and pains that come with it! The initial client meetings are my favourite, as it allows me to educate all the clients around the structure of a loan and the process that follows. Personally I want to educate as many people about lending as much as possible, so when the time comes to purchase their first home, they will be confident that they have made the right decision. When I’m not broking, I’m generally doing something outdoorsy and adventurous, so feel free to contact me if you want to catch up, surf and talk mortgages… or just surf.

Hi, I'm the Client Services Manager at Goodrich home loans. Most of what I do is behind the scenes such as preparing applications, filing documents, and liaising with banks to ensure everything is progressing as it should. However, my favourite part of the job is meeting clients face to face. You will probably see me at initial meetings and at document signings although you are more likely to just receive emails from me. In my spare time I enjoy painting and reading.

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